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SM 01-25R - The Jester's Grin Limited Edition

Sale price$469.00

Introducing our exclusive DIY timepiece, The Jester's Grin, a tribute to the enigmatic and chaotic world of the iconic Joker. Can you decipher the essence of this unique design?

The Jester's Grin features a hand-painted portrait of the infamous character on the dial of each limited edition watch. We take pride in presenting a work of art that encapsulates the Joker's twisted brilliance and madness.

Embrace the spirit of rebellion and eccentricity with The Jester's Grin; it's an ode to the unpredictable dance of life, where every moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of mayhem and mischief. Each watch narrates a distinct tale, inviting you to embark on a journey into the intriguing mind of the Joker, where every tick of the clock echoes the laughter of chaos.

Limited to 199 pieces worldwide.

  • CASE THICKNESS: 0.6 inch (15mm) - 0.4 inch (10mm) when worn on hand.
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 0.22 lb (110g) including the strap.
  • LENGTH: tail side - 4.7 inches (120mm), buckle side - 3.94 inches (100mm).
  • WRIST SIZE: from 5.5 inches (140mm) to 8.3 inches (210mm).

In case you want to adjust the length of the strap or have any special requests, please reach out to us via email for additional support.

Our designs, crafted by the most creative brains, obtain the best quality as other big brands, yet still in the vibe of Steve Muller that can never be mistaken. From sports and diving to classic watches, our creations stand for ORIGINALITY, QUALITY, and UNIQUENESS.

Specification Table:
Watch Case 42mm 316L Stainless Steel Case SKX STYLE POLISHED - Silver
Water-Resistant 20ATM
Glass Crystal Anti-reflective (AR) Sapphire Double Dome - No Bevel Edge with Blue Hue
Case Back 304L Stainless Steel
Movement Holder Customized by Steve Muller 
Bezel 316L Stainless Steel - Silver
Bezel Insert Ceramic - 1.5 x 1.2 inches (38 x 30.5 mm) | 1.78g
Watch Crown Waterproof Screw Down (SKX007 POLISHED COIN)
Watch dial Pure aluminum material size 1.12 inches (28.5mm) - Hand-painted with a UV-protective coating.
TMI Stainless Steel with Super Lume and Lightning Second Hand
Movement Automatic Movement Customized by Steve Muller
Vulcanized Rubber 0.87 inch (22mm) & Buckle 0.79 inch (20mm) | FOR SKX007 STYLE CASES - BLACK WITH STEALTH HARDWARE
Chapter Ring 316L Stainless Steel with Black Color and White Marking


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