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About us

At the beginning of 2019 in the United Kingdom, our firm was initially established in a small garage. We are a group of young designers from all over the world. We are tempted to sophisticate and elegant styles, especially those that we can bring with us at any time and everywhere to catch people's attention.

One day, a member of our team was concerned about not having an accessory to match his fancy suit when he went on a date. We toss and turn every night with desire in our hearts: "Why don't we create a revolutionary style to wear on our wrist?" "Watches in which we may infuse our own unique and artistic designs? " "How do people perceive them as the new era of watches ?" If we found an answer, my buddy, or perhaps other people, would be brightened everywhere with just small jewelry on their wrist!

It was incredible to realize that there are many clients that have the same demands as my friend. They need something innovative to join the watch industry, which has always been sought after everywhere. We moved forward step by step. We've gained our first clients and have grown up since then.

Now, we have moved our head office to Singapore, where we advantage from several tax deductions and a favorable economic environment, which enables us to produce superior products at a better price.

Follow us! Our adventure is an interesting long journey, and it's only getting started!